get straight, wait here while i try to find the exit sign.
when when will you stop asking strangers?
no one wants what we want.
keep one eye on the door, keep one eye on the bag.


never expect to be sure.


December 2, 2006 at 2:52 am 2 comments

turn on the bright lights

…”somehow i’m not impressed with the new york kids”

I’ve taken an autonomous approach to itp as of late. i feel almost guilty for wanting to recoil; after all, i am surrounded by the most talented people i have encountered in my life. i can’t explain the compulsion other than that someday things will seem as they should be.

November 12, 2006 at 3:23 pm 1 comment

la mierda…

it’s halloween weekend. bad news beavers.

this week has been exhausting. i’ve been a processing-bot and and finally finished our pcomp midterm (that went terribly). but at least we had a viable concept which i am excited about, despite a flawed presentation of the beatbox flops. i have posted some other cool stuff i’ve been learning. look at individual pcomp and icm pages for that stuff.

so we have been thinking a lot about final projects and i have some (pretty ambitious) but really sweet ideas. wish me luck.

oh and sorry if i’ve been a bad friend/daughter/sister…i’ll try harder.

October 27, 2006 at 9:36 pm 3 comments

a day in the itp life…


October 21, 2006 at 10:05 pm 1 comment




Both Tom and James assigned me this reading, so i’m thinking that perhaps it may be pretty significant. Obviously, well Dawkins…. The content of the reading talked about the birth of a new type of gene; memetics. These are cultural (purely non-biological) genes that dwell in the our minds and the collective conscience, and whose survival rely purely on their ability to replicate themselves into the minds of others. (i mean, it’s just a huge popularity contest, really).

In reality, however, Dawkins makes some interesting observations about the changing nature (much like biological genes) of ‘memes’ and the evolutionary cylces of life that they encounter. Ideas, thoughts, beliefs, basically the building blocks of ideology, are the centrifuges through which we take memes and apply our own experiences and opinions about them, which we then pass on to other to perpetuate the ‘memetic culture’ of sorts. Anyway, you can read the full article here . The theory itself is enough to get interactive designers to think about ideas in different ways; stepping out of the flow, submersing yourself back in. Everything is regenerative in your head, especially when programming or trying to materialize an idea that seems to get fuzzier the more you comtemplate it. But thinking about new media and working in terms of this replicatory process certainly sheds a new light on things.

Plus, the whole time i’m reading this, my head is chanting “open source…open source…” messed up, right?


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