Image Manipulation (Midterm)

When i first started working in Processing, I didn’t exactly embrace it with open arms. I knew I wanted to work with sound, and I knew I wanted to work with video, and I knew Processing could not handle either with any sort of ease. trouble…

I have worked out a couple of ideas that you can link to and interact with on our homework upload for this week. The controls (or pseudo-buttons/sliders) for now are keys ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, and ‘4’. For the rotating images, hold down the mouse to alter the state of the tints and opacities. (also, you may want to expand your browser bc the programs are running at 1200 pixels wide…sorry 🙂 )

[1]with mousepress
[2] not fully working yet…

It wasn’t until one of my pcomp labs, that i began thinking about the possibilities of using processing with microcontrollers (via serial) and how live imaging could “interact” (oh ya, i went there..) with sound through a physical interface. The details are still up in the air and only our propositions are due today, but I figured a good starting point would be to look at different animating techniques with still images that would gel appropriately as an accompaniment to music. Then once I retained some functional code, swapping live image feeds or prerecorded shorts would be the easy part.

I found a set of sliders on the junk shelf which I want to try resoldering and integrating into the physical portion of the project. In the mean time, me and ana are just going to play with code.



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