midterm variation

While I had extremely ambitious ideas for the VJing thing, i spent countless hours trying to amalgamate my different visualizations into one functional code, only to find that processing isn’t exactly the best environment to do VJing software due to rendering issues and having too long of a loop in the draw function..etc etc etc. also, it is a bit more difficult than simply applying states to variables to get processing to read a keypress as a toggle-type function (where one press does one thing, and the second press if the same key does another) bc the if statement incurs the loop over and over again so even with 2 states, it just flickers back and forth.

anyway, i started thinking more about visualizations that i found captivating as a child, and trying to think in terms of what would keep my attention in a computer program. i didn’t want to make a game and i wanted to keep working with images, but i also wanted to take advantage to processing’s mathematical syntax to produce some sort of motion graphics/animation which had a certain degree of autonomy levered with some user control as well. i finally settled on a spirographing image drawing tool where keys 1, 2, 3, and 4 will generate a rotating “paintbrush” of sorts and 5, 6, 7, 8 switches to linear painting (with images) and the traditional mousepress could clear your screen.

you can link to the final result here . comments??


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