Video Processing

Truthfully, our schedule is so effed up i have no idea what week we are on for this class. nightmare.

anyway, i have been doing really rad stuff with tesselating images and live image processing. me and ana have decided to work on our midterm together and spent countless hours dedicated to algorithmic migraines.

we got some shiffman code working like the brightness-adjusting-rectangle mirror, which, when ran in processing, looks something like this:
ta da!

and then all day today i’ve been playing around with cos/sin rotations and push/pop matrices. (sp?) i was having trouble with self-generating animations in processing but it’s nice to work with float values and automated incrementations so all i had to worry about are assigning key presses. i finally came up with a floating tesselation simulator type thing which, in this case, triggers different layers with the ‘1’. ‘2’, ‘3’, and ‘4’ keys. hopefully, this will germinate into my final.

first state
1st animated layer


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