This week we learned about protocols dealing with musical instrument digital interface (MIDI). In our lab, we used a digital switch sensor to control note on and the note would turn off through instructions from the arduino code. To control the pitch i used an analog (flex) sensor that would bend to change the pitch of the note. I liked working with MIDI since I have always been interested in sound/music and it gave me a different envrionment to think about those concepts. Also, honestly, the possibilities for this sort of application has seemed the most fufilling in terms of results versus the input of my time. (which doesn’t indicate much, since pcomp isn’t exactly my forte). regardless, the code was pretty straight forward to figure out in hindsight. the hardest thing for me to wrap my head around was the transmission of data from bytes –>hexadecimal format with the three bytes of (note, channel, volume); but it’s nice that there are reference charts for that so it won’t be something i have to memorize.

synth hook up
breadboard to arduino
arduino beginning code


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